Kindergarten and K - 1st Combo



Kathy Gallo & Mark Casady

The Mountain View kindergarten program provides each child time to mature intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally at his/her own rate and according to his/her own capacity . The program offers the child an opportunity to extend his/her interests and create new ones.

Learning experiences and instruction are designed to address each child’s developmental needs, abilities, and strengths and provide a broad foundation for future academic growth . The kindergarten program is intended to provide an atmosphere that is responsive to a variety of learning styles, promotes a love of learning, and instills a sense of positive self-worth .

Kathy Gallo

I have been at Mountain View for 19 years, and have taught in this order: third, sixth, four/five combo, fourth, third, including a 3/4 combo and now kindergarten . I have been very happy at MV, I say it and mean it-I hit the job lottery. It’s a great school, with wonderful families.

My interests are basic-family, travel, tennis, food-the good life ! Mark and I love our life here in Santa Barbara and enjoy it to the fullest.


Mark Casady

My name is Mark Casady and all of my twenty-six years of teaching have been with Goleta Union School District . I have taught kindergarten, a K/1 combo, and fourth grade. Seven years ago, I transferred from Foothill School to Mt. View to teach kindergarten again .

I enjoy spending time with my wife and four children, playing tennis, mountain biking, reading, and activities with friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching fourth grade, but I am very happy to be back teaching kindergarten again . I like teaching all subjects with my kindergartners and also my role as a Team Technology Lead for our staff.

One of the reasons that I became a teacher was to pass the same love for school and learning that I have on to my students . I also feel that it is significant that male teachers are involved with the primary grades as elementary school is usually a female dominated area of education .

Over the past few years, I have seen Mt. View School enthusiastically adopt our state’s new Common Core standards, new mathematics and language arts curriculum, and now preparing for new science standards.

One of the most motivating parts of my teaching is our kindergarten team at Mt. View School. Mrs. Gallo and I work very closely and purposefully to create a well-rounded and dynamic K program for our students. Both academics and character development are areas of focus that we strive to continually improve upon.