Jennifer Khalil

Cecilia Melendez (virtual academy)

A Santa Barbara native, Ms. Melendez attended one of Goleta’s first elementary schools,  the now defunct Cathedral Oaks School, whose mascot was a “Punkin Roller.”  From Santa Barbara, Ms. Melendez ventured to a private college in Mexico where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology.  

A stalwart at IV School, Ms. Melendez enjoys the diverse community of the school.

In her spare time, Ms. Melendez likes to exercise, read, and watch movies.  In addition, she taught a writing class at Santa Barbara City College for 15 years.

Jenna Montgomery

Jackie Pabon

Ms. Pabon was born in Staten Island, NY, past home of three members of the Professional Bowlers Hall of Fame.  At age eight, Ms. Pabon and her family moved to Santa Barbara.  Her parents claim the family moved because Ms. Pabon’s Staten Island accent was so striking.  It was, though, on Staten Island that Ms. Pabon began playing the violin.

Once in Santa Barbara, Ms. Pabon, repeated third grade (she’d gone through that grade in New York).  Ironically, that’s the grade she now teaches.  Ms. Pabon wisely chose Westmont College and is proud to have earned her degree in Liberal Studies upon graduation.

Ms. Pabon is grateful for the community atmosphere at IV School.  She also appreciates the proximity of the campus to ocean bluffs and the opportunity to take a quick walk there during lunch breaks.

When she’s not working, Ms. Pabon enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding her bike, hiking, reading, playing and listening to music, and trying out new recipes.

Christie Weinberg (virtual academy flex)

A native of Goleta, Mrs. Weinberg attended Ellwood School where she particularly enjoyed reading and writing.  Mrs. Weinberg received her bachelor’s degree in geology from UCSB, just a stone’s throw away from her childhood home.  In addition, Mrs. Weinberg completed her master’s in education at UCSB.

Mrs. Weinberg is grateful for the families and colleagues at IV School.  She also enjoys the ocean air that wafts across the campus.

In her spare time, Mrs. Weinberg is a fan of bulldogs, jeeps, the beach, and, of course, her three children.